• Erica Horacek

This One's for the Dogs

Whew! My first blog post, and of course it's going to be about dogs! How fitting. I had such an amazing time being able to photograph all sorts of dogs from around the area the last few weeks. It's so fun to see all of their different personalities come to life! You have some dogs that are all about the tennis balls, some that are about the treats, and some that just want to be cuddled!

No matter what their personalities were these dogs all showed off for the camera! As a fur momma myself I think having these photos to cherish of your fur babies is important. Capture them young or old having fun and loving life! After all, dogs are the only animal on earth that loves you more than anything and expects nothing in return.

I definitely think I am going to host these sessions more often because like I said, fur babies deserve to be photographed and shared just like everyone else.

I'm going to keep this post short and let the dogs do all the talking for me, so until next time, have a wonderful day!


EJ Imagery WI

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